Mar 25, 2014

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I was born in New Mexico, 1984, with a degenerative eye disease. When I was 8 years old I began experiencing vision trouble. I have been in glasses and contacts for a majority of my life.
In 2011, my vision had gotten so bad and financially hard to manage that, I spent a few years with no eye care. I was legally blind.

In that time I was still practicing photography. I found a sense of artistic freedom in the fact that I could not see what I was capturing clearly. I wasn't concerned with composition, depth of field or focus. I just wanted what color and shape I could see to be pleasing to MY eye.

Without giving up my process, I can say that, this allowed me to explore my camera and became fascinated with night-time lights, in particular, taillights and street lights.
After some computer software experimentation, many hours with a hard squint and my face literally touching the monitor, I discovered the best way to express myself through what I like to call, "light painting".

I have more than 1000 abstract images ready to print and creating more. I will print small, traditonal photo prints to demand but, as soon as I sell a canvas print, I will discontinue that image, making it a limited edition.
I encourage you to browse my instagram and twitter feeds (artscience84) (#abstrqct84) and request prints.

Thank you,
Joshua Lucero

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